Sunday, March 21

Hayya 'Alal Falaah !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Salamualaikum warahmatullah,

Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin, I'm at home after a fortnight at the college. Now I realised I've got tons and tons of homework, some finished, but some I need to consult with my friends.

To my Al-Aminian friends, I'm sorry I can't visit you all, with all my heart, it's a great desire of mine to visit you guys but it's just difficult to find a date that I'm on a holiday and you're not.

The holidays were much spent on my trip to Hong Kong. Truly, I say, Hong Kong is an entirely new experience. Urban life has been redefined to me. Skyscrapers are everywhere to accommodate the lack of sprawl space. Light effects are essential to every building, and there are always an individuality to each building. After 3 days at Kowloon City, I moved to Hong Kong Disneyland. Simply to put it, the magical part their after, they excelled at it. The "Disney in the Stars" show, was simply, magical and it was all worthwhile.

Okay, I guess you guys must be puzzled with the connection of the title and the story about HK.
Here it is:

Hong Kong is primarily populated by ethnic Chinese, and their food is...well...haram. Their culture is different to that it is to Islam' we need to take care. 

Hayya 'Alal Falaah, a phrase we hear everyday, of our entire Islamic life. But, what have we done in order to achieve it?  Success can be achieved in here, the world and in the hereafter. For a Muslim, the success of hereafter is something that he or she aspires and in order to succeed is to succeed in this world. 


I guess you already know it by now. Ibadah, and Allah's blessing. One thing to bear in mind when think of ibadah, it's not just the prayers, it's in everything we do. 
As for me, going to the MJSC is my step to achieving the success. I may wear the cape of religious studies for the past 9 years, but now I'm wearing the armour of academics too. I'm not putting away the religious studies I've spent my whole previous life, just maintaining it, meanwhile focusing on worldly studies. 

By excelling in this world and grasping firmly to Islam, we can achieve a balance and wala! Falaah. I'm not saying Al=Amin doesn't provide excellent academic studies, it's just MJSC does better at it. 

So don't forget to succeed in this world as well in the next. Stack up on provisions, and make your way.

So can we do it? 
Hayya 'Alal Falaah!