Friday, September 10

Of Ramadan and Syawal

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Eid Mubarak everybody!
Woah! There's an inch of dust since I posted. Alhamdulillah after a month of fasting we've now reached the first day of Syawal and Eidul Fitr. To me though it didn't feel like a month of fasting more like half of it, it's just not the same as it is when we were younger. Nevertheless, you can't rewind time and you gotta go on, so I was in the Eid spirit today. It was still a bit odd to eat in the day, it felt like still in Ramadan only you're not fasting. 

Okay, so Ramadan has past and Syawal has replaced it. let's just pray we have done our best in Ramadan and we have attained Lailatul Qadr and everything in the jam-packed Ramadan.
I hope I don't forget to do the six-day fast of Syawal and again;

Eid Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya! 

Saturday, May 29

Tarbiyah Inside.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

,السلام عليكم
Alhamdulillah, I still have the chance to breath and have faith in Him. 

After 3 months at the college, I'm beginning to sink in to the culture, the culture shock is virtually gone, and suiting to the teaching style. 
I'm practically done with my exam, Alhamdulillah. I hope for the best for my Al-Aminians friends, من جد و جد, من زرع حصد and also to any of my TGBian friends if you're reading this. 

Competition here is really tough. I mean they say people there are the creme of the creme, the best of the best, everyone there scored 8As or 9As and a majority are top scorers. Man I feel timid here, I've only been top 10 only once at Al-Amin, and that was the first semester last year, I think, and I was the 9th. I don't know if I can perform here, with the teaching style, lecture, they're suppose to expose us to university life, and so they are.  For now I'm just passing by with the syllabus, not to mention ours is the compact curriculum, certain subjects from F5 we're gonna learn at F4 and vice versa. 

Culture, hmm...I can't say much here but I'll let you know it's okay for now...I'm getting the hang of it. 

Okay back to the title: Tarbiyah Inside.
It's really simple actually, the only thing I want to say here is you must have tarbiyyah, anywhere, any when, whatever the situation is. Here, there is very little people who're willing to tarbiyah you. So who is going to tarbiyah you? Yourself. Every night before going to sleep, muhasabah, recall the day and find what can be improved tomorrow. Whenever in doubt refer to the right source, if it's about al-hikam, refer to the al-Qur'an or Ahadith, or to a teacher, never make your own complete assumptions about the Laws of Allah.

All in all, I hope and pray to see you guys in the mid-year holidays, InshaAllah He will reunite us.

السلام عليكم

Sunday, March 21

Hayya 'Alal Falaah !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Salamualaikum warahmatullah,

Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin, I'm at home after a fortnight at the college. Now I realised I've got tons and tons of homework, some finished, but some I need to consult with my friends.

To my Al-Aminian friends, I'm sorry I can't visit you all, with all my heart, it's a great desire of mine to visit you guys but it's just difficult to find a date that I'm on a holiday and you're not.

The holidays were much spent on my trip to Hong Kong. Truly, I say, Hong Kong is an entirely new experience. Urban life has been redefined to me. Skyscrapers are everywhere to accommodate the lack of sprawl space. Light effects are essential to every building, and there are always an individuality to each building. After 3 days at Kowloon City, I moved to Hong Kong Disneyland. Simply to put it, the magical part their after, they excelled at it. The "Disney in the Stars" show, was simply, magical and it was all worthwhile.

Okay, I guess you guys must be puzzled with the connection of the title and the story about HK.
Here it is:

Hong Kong is primarily populated by ethnic Chinese, and their food is...well...haram. Their culture is different to that it is to Islam' we need to take care. 

Hayya 'Alal Falaah, a phrase we hear everyday, of our entire Islamic life. But, what have we done in order to achieve it?  Success can be achieved in here, the world and in the hereafter. For a Muslim, the success of hereafter is something that he or she aspires and in order to succeed is to succeed in this world. 


I guess you already know it by now. Ibadah, and Allah's blessing. One thing to bear in mind when think of ibadah, it's not just the prayers, it's in everything we do. 
As for me, going to the MJSC is my step to achieving the success. I may wear the cape of religious studies for the past 9 years, but now I'm wearing the armour of academics too. I'm not putting away the religious studies I've spent my whole previous life, just maintaining it, meanwhile focusing on worldly studies. 

By excelling in this world and grasping firmly to Islam, we can achieve a balance and wala! Falaah. I'm not saying Al=Amin doesn't provide excellent academic studies, it's just MJSC does better at it. 

So don't forget to succeed in this world as well in the next. Stack up on provisions, and make your way.

So can we do it? 
Hayya 'Alal Falaah!

Saturday, February 27

Finally Living It.

In The Name Of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Beneficent

May peace and Allah's blessing be with all of you.

Alhamdulillah after a week or so, I lived the boarding school life. MashaAllah, the week I lived there felt like a month. It wasn't boring or anything, in fact it was a very busy week getting around (the campus is huge, even other MARA Junior Science College students admit it, I could've gotten lost if we weren't going in groups). Tun Ghafar Baba MJSC is packed with activities, from our day one till the end of the year, so it's definitely not boredom, maybe it's because the adaptation to the new environment, but then I asked my ex-MJSC friends whether they felt like a month and they said yes, so that's a cross for that.

Okay, let's set that aside.
So far, Alhamdulillah, my days there aren't stressing, and it's flowing like the way I wanted it to be. 
Boarding school, surprisingly isn't as tough as I thought it would be, for now...
Sure, you have to manage yourself, by yourself, but the rest is like being back at Al-Amin.
I pray that this keeps on. 

A surprise for me came on the second last day before I went home for the Maulud. It turned out that one of the warden was a teacher at SRIAAKL, for 3 months in 2008. So we're on good terms now....(got a friend who's a warden is a great thing....hehehe....).

Hamdallah, I got a batch of new friends there...credits to having to give a speech on the first day (...huhu), and all of them are nice guys, even the big, tough ones.

So I'm going back on Sunday, around 3 the most. Signing off.
May Allah's blessing and peace be upon you.

Monday, February 15

It Doesn't End

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Beneficent

May peace be upon you,

The day that I will actually, really leave Al-Amin is now looming ever closer. It's already the 15th, another 2 more days to the 17th. 
I wouldn't say that I didn't visit Al-Amin at fact I think this week is the time I visited Al-Amin the most, maaannn....I miss Al-Amin so much; friends, environment, on...

I finally moved to my finally kinda-done repaired house. Alhamdulillah, even though it was HECTIC (I wanted to put a swear word here, but I don't swear and I won't start now), we're finally half-done...imagine rearranging all the heavy furniture in your house in 3 days at the same time getting ready to go to boarding school....that's how.

To my Al-Aminian friends, even though we may be miles and miles apart, I hope our ukhuwwah will never die, whether you're an acquaintance, a friend or a good friend of mine, I hope we will always be together in unity of Islam and friendship. 
My body and mind may be at Melaka, but my heart and soul, I hope will always be with you guys and at Al-Amin.

To my friends who're joining me leaving or already left Al-Amin, I pray for all of you the best in everything you do and a reminder to you guys and myself, we're carrying Al-Amin's image, the image of a religion educated student, carry it proud, carry it well, be the best and always, ALWAYS put Allah and Islam before anything else.

May Allah's blessing and guidance be with us all....

Monday, February 1

.....and everything changed.

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Beneficent

Peace be upon you all,

As promised, on the day the MRSM applications get out, I will tell you the results.
(Takes a deep breath), okay here's how it went....

Alhamdulillah I got it.
Where? At MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, unexpectedly a MRSM Bitara, and how surprised I was.
When I'm going? On the 17th of February.

Allah, guide us all the way, for You are the only one who knows the best.

Friday, January 29

Will You....?

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Beneficent 

May peace be upon you all,

I can't believe I even have time to post here at this blog, form 4s are so busy with all the schoolwork.
Alhamdulillah, we're finally reaching the end of the first month of this year. The results of the MRSM application any day will be out any day now and we'll see either I'll be with you guys or not.
After reviewing the past month and year (I know it's a tad late to review the last year), I noticed that I've been burdening a lot of people, especially a particular person and this person has tolerated the ton-load burden I've given.
To all of you whom I have burdened, I'm sorry.

Will you forgive me?
This poem is dedicated to all you;

Through thorns and fire,
You walked with me,
Through darkness and uncertainty,
You held my hand and guided me.

In my heart I feel in debt, owed,
Owed by your kindness,
Forgive me for dragging you down,
Forgive me for clouding your mind,
Forgive me for being a proud fool.

Forgive me,
For every wrong I made,
For every vice I materialised,
You paid the price,
For every mischief I'd bought.

Until you say the word,
Forever I'm in debt,
With a blanket of guilt and darkness.

So now, will you forgive me?

Sunday, January 24

New Things, New Loads

In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful.

May peace and Allah's blessings be upon you,
Fuh...fuh...let's blow away the dustwebs. I suppose you've already noticed my new layout. I don't think I need to elaborate on that. Any exclamations, kindly put it in the comment section or in the chat box.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I feel like I'm studying like I'm gonna have an exam every tomorrow. The mountainload of homework, it can really be a mountainload. I suppose it's to prep us for the very new, upcoming and more advanced subjects, I can't blame that.

Like everything in life, as you gradually become older, the more responsbilities there are on your shoulders. Though mine this year isn't as hectic as before, it's nothing compared to some of my friends'. This year's however, has more weight to it than ever before, and it requires much commitment, Allah please give my friends and I the strength to face it all.

Thursday, January 7

It's Everywhere

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

,السلام عليكم

First of all, I'm sorry if anybody thought I copied this idea for a post, but it expresses what I wanted to say so well, so forgive me if you're mad.

The Crazy Spot I've Prayed by
Dawud Wharnsby Ali:
All the earth is a place of prostration,

Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation.
Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway,
Any place clean and green can be a place to pray
When I think of every path, where I've ever trot,
I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God.
Remember that long car ride?
Driving all night so far,
Under the summer moon we pulled off to the side,
Reclining in the front seat of the car.

Waking to a fajr bird sound,
And washing in the coin car wash we found.
With the water blaster making wudhu,
You sprayed me and I sprayed you.

We stood so drowsy in the dawn,
Behind the car wash dripping on the lawn.

All the earth is a place of prostration,
Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation.
Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway,
Any place clean and green can be a place to pray
When I think of every path, where I've ever trot,
I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God.

Saturday shopping day, in a busy mall and bustling through the aisles,
Where everyone's getting in my way.
Each blank zombie we shop and face forty smiles.

Time comes for prayer attack,
Grab a pair of pants or a sweater from the rack.
Find a changing room and latch the door,
Set aside excuses and hit the floor.

As I go back to the mall,
It's easier then to make sense of it all.

All the earth is a place of prostration,
Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation.
Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway,
Any place clean and green can be a place to pray
When I think of every path, where I've ever trot,
I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God.

And our socks froze to the blanket,
That we spread over the snow,
Your call to prayer bounced off the trees and across the icy meadow.
Crisp and clean cold air, our hearts were so aware,
Our bodies felt the frozen freedom what a very cool place for prayer!

All the earth is a place of prostration,
Every field and meadow, mountain, park, city, farm plantation.
Every roadside, seaside, hillside, walkway,
Any place clean and green can be a place to pray
When I think of every path, where I've ever trot,
I laugh at all the crazy spots I stopped to worship God.

So you see, salah is so important you can do it and have to do it anywhere if you're desperate, and time's almost up.

Monday, January 4

When Another Begins...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

,السلام عليكم
It's finally here, the new year. Both Hijri and Gregorian years, they're all new. I'm not writing today to write a reminder, just updating my blog. 
This year is a tad bit different from others, since we had to pick our courses. Now my fellow Form 4-rians and I are paving our way to our future. 
Alhamdulillah, even if it's a bit dissapointing, I got 8As 1B in PMR. I was a bit crestfallen but Alhamdulillah, it's good enough not to be embarrassed when I go to MRSM if my application is accepted. 

Speaking of MRSM, many of you had sad tones when I declared that I applied for MRSM and I will accept it if I got it. I have many reasons, but one of them is a I'm not too good at being independent, well, in home affairs that is. The other reason is that I want to take it step-by-step, from day school, to a local boarding school, and then InsyaAllah I'll be studying overseas, I'm quite slow to adapting so I'll might as well get a move on at living independently. Oh yeah, the other one is, it's hard to get a scholarship at Al-Amin, I'm not saying there isn't a scholarship, but you had to be, what? The top ten overall? For now, that's waaaaay beyond my reach. Anyway MARA favours it's students. So I'll might as well take advantage of it.

So that's about it.
Happy Schooling, to those who do go to school.