Thursday, February 2

Finding Strength from Above

If the previous post was dusty, then I'll need myself a giant broom to clean the inch-thick dust here. *Blows dust*

Salam everybody, and I daresay, it's been a really long time. Been cooped up in the little place down there in Melaka for SPM and they don't really have Internet services there, so that's that.

Alhamdulillah, all praises to the Almighty, I'm now in university under scholarship. It's a completely different life from school; no morning-to-afternoon classes, no strict dress codes, no uniforms, and a lot of freedom.
Now, that's what they tell you before you go to university and it sounds real great, not that it isn't true but what they left out are the dragging lectures, piles of assignments and money management.

I'm 18, haven't got an SPM certificate, still childish yet I'm in university?
Thanks to MARA for that.
See, actually, in terms of mental preparation and a firm spot in the course I'm taking, I'm in no condition to confirm it with the absence of an SPM certificate at hand. Top that with the daunting lectures and advanced subjects, I'm a kid in an adult world.

But I'm okay with that. Why? Because He chose this for me.
" ...He wouldn't burden someone unless he is capable of it. "
The Holy Quran 2:286

This is the verse that I hold on whenever a gigantic challenge is set in front of me and what more challenging to a teenager than choosing and taking the path to one's career in the future? Insha Allah, since I'm about to take up Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery (I'm taking Foundation in Science now), what is more exhausting that a medical degree?

From the verse is His promise to give out tasks and obstacles that He knows we can complete and overcome, it's just the matter of willpower. If you believe that He never breaks His promise than you'll face the challenge head on.

It's normal to face a period of time when all seems lost where everything is breaking apart, life not going the way you want and so on. This is the crucial time to judge one's iman (this is not from a hadeeth or from scholars, just a personal opinion) whether the first move is to face Him and seek His help or to give it all up.

Supplication or du'a always helps. In the du'a, remembering that I'm conversing with Him and He is listening calms me down - that is when I remember.

It's not much of a post, but to share a personal experience. Giving up must be the last and most desperate option. Life will only become more difficult as we grow older, and will only stop it's increasing difficulty only in death.