Monday, December 14

Sometimes It's the Little Things....

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

,السلام عليكم
First things first, I would like to thank you all for giving such an extensive response to my cluelessness to make the decision to either stay at Al-Amin or go to MRSM if I eve get the letter. For now, my decision is to go to MRSM. If you're asking why, it's for the the future. It's with a heavy heart I choose to leave Al-Amin but sometimes I have to think for the future, Al-Amin sadly doesn't give scholarships and frankly today, going to a university isn't cheap.

Okay, moving on to my post.
I'm sure some of you may have heard this story, I got it from my Umrah trip.

A student of Imam Malik once dreamed of his teacher. The student asked Imam Malik whether he is in Jannah or Naar. Imam Malik replied he is in Jannah. The student asked him oncemore; "Did you go to Jannah because of your deeds?".
Imam Malik answered "No, I did not go to Jannah because of my deeds, but because of Allah's mercy. One day when I was writing, a fly perched on my inkpot and drank the ink, I wanted to swat it away, but out of sympathy I held back and let it go. Allah had seen me do this, and rewarding me with Jannah with His Mercy. "

So that's the story. There's nothing much to say here as the story is very straightforward, but I want to wrap up the post. Okay here it is; Sometimes, it's the little things that we do out of compassion and never thought of it as a deed, just something nice to do that get the big thumbs up from our Lord. So to you reading this and I, let this be a lesson, be good at everything and hope for Allah's compassion, even in the little things that we do.
السلام عليكم

Tuesday, December 1

The Da'ie Ummah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

,السلام عليكم
It's been almost a fortnight since I last posted. Been busy cleaning up the house since my house is being renovated...inside out. So I've been kinda busy. 
To date, the poll I set up is now the majority wanting me to go to MRSM. InsyaAllah, I'll be taking my entry test on the 10th of December, so I hope you all pray for my success and other Al-Aminians who applied for MRSM *wink*. 

First and foremost, I would like to thank my old friend, Ahmad Nabil bin M. Noor for reminding me of this subject about our ummah, the Da'ie ummah.

So far as I know, and I know very little, every ummah before the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahualaihiwasallam was always guided by a Nabi or a Rasul and after a Nabi or Rasul was taken by Allah or killed by his own ummah, that ummah goes astray from the Right Path because there are other Nabis and Rasuls to do the job of doing da'wah to the people after the previous Messenger was taken by Allah. All except the ummah of Muhammad Rasulullah (pbuh). 

Muslims of the world today, dominating other religions by numbers of followers. After our Rasul was taken by Allah, the Sahabah carried on his teachings and after Uthman, an Islamic Empire exists. Not long after, about a few centuries after the Khulafa' Ar-Rasyidin. the Golden Age of Islam emerges. Notable names in the Muslim society begin to pop-up in the fields of Science and Mathematics. Whether it's Al-Biruni or Ibn Sina, they had contributed to the world with new knowledge.

How could this happen? This happened because at the time, the ummah was strong, their faith were secure and firm and they fulfilled the duty of a Khalifah magnificently because there are no other people to hold that responsibility, the responsibility of doing da'wah because Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was and is the Last Prophet and the mission of spreading Islam to the world isn't complete.  

How did they do this? They did da'wah not only by talking, preaching to people and spread the truth of Islam, but also through their actions. Their actions speak louder than words, their character was pleasing to everybody and what they said, they did and caught everybody's hearts to embrace Islam.

But, how about now? Today? Where has the empire gone? Where has the character gone? Where has the ummah gone? Being the Da'ie ummah doesn't mean going to a crowd and preach to everybody. It doesn't mean you have to give lectures about Islam to everybody you see. Today, it's more appropriate to preach by actions, show Islam is perfect for everybody. Show that Islam is the perfect Deen, way of life. Like now, I'm doing da'wah, I'm 15 years old and I do da'wah to the world through this little contraption called a computer. 

So, as the Da'ie ummah, and the Last ummah, we must build our character to be the character of the Qur'an or as close as it could be and at the same time, build others, together we can build the ummah again to it's former glory.
السلام عليكم