Friday, October 23

Life Post-Exams.....

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

,السلام عليكم
Okay...let's review.
There's just one thing that registered; all exams are OVER!
It was a very memorable day, it was like being in 6th grade all over again, having the knowledge that you've finished every exam that is waiting for you that year...are all done, except it's with different people.
On the last day (21 Oct) we were brought with a surprise pleasing or not, it's up to you; every bit of the remaining days of school for us was planned with something and it was the first time this was done:

22-23 Oct  
Mukhayyam at Alang Sedayu.
26 Oct
Nasheed Competition
Musabaqah Tilawatul Qur'an (Qur'an Recitation Competition)
27 Oct 
Futsal and Basketball Tournament.
5 Nov-7 Nov  
Field trip to Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.

Okay, so I went through the first thing on the list yesterday and I'm gonna tell it to you how it went.
( Firstly I want to apologize for the absence of photos, my camera was kinda broken throughout the whole thing, I swear to God it was.)
We grouped at school and were briefed in the upcoming events awaiting us. I'll just tell you on the way.
Alang Sedayu isn't far off from school it's about a 15-20 minutes drive, in fact I've been there, including this, 4 times but the fun hasn't really worn off.
After we settled in, we went jungle trekking. It was a very familiar course but with very different fillings. This time we were supposed to read the whole chapter 29 of the Qur'an or at least a half of it as we go trekking. I suppose it's because it was post-PMR, I was very,very,very jolly. I even have a spring in my step. In the tunnel, we were suppose to play something to show saleemul aqidah, or soundness of faith. We were asked to step on the rim of the tunnel and fall stiffly, very stiff, like a board, no bending and you're friends must catch you. Proudly I say my facilitator said my fall was the best :) So going on...we arrived at the much awaited waterfall. We had tons of fun as the girls waited :-P (They went in after we got out of the pool forcibly.) 
There was a kind-of-a-meadow above the pool, so we done our Zuhr prayers there. There the facilitators hid our items that we're suppose to guard (they asked us to give them the items) and what else? Find 'em.
Then we went to back to camp.
Then our barbecue began...barbecue! barbecue!...I helped roast the sate (sorry you guys if you ate mine and it tastes not to your liking) and we ate last.
Bla...bla...bla....Maghrib prayers...
A little reminder by Ust./Brother Syarif, I fell asleep accidentally...sorry Brother Syarif!

Next day, I did the first shift of night-guard. Nothing to say...
Morning, after a bit of stretching, we played a game. We had to catch the opposing team's 'tail' while both teams hold each other in any way as long as the bond isn't broken. We lost, twice...what a blow.

Then, a KBM motivator, Abang Bai, we had a little motivation to do good things in our holidays.
Bla...bla...bla...and the end...That was all.


nabilah said...

salam ,

hem. yeh, banat terpaksa menunggu banin bermandi-manda di situ~ agak menguji kesabaran..

nway, alhamdulillah.. syukran, salam~ said...

to nabilah,
i wonder why i love to see misery?
thanks for commenting!

←DãñîãL→ said...

haha!! seronok ana baca isi baru
blog anta smpai terbosan anta nak tulis lagi dgn english mcm 2.. alaaa.. jgn la tulis bla..bla..bla..sambung je crite 2.. khusuk ana baca tadi.. said...

dah bahagian tu takde isi yang cukup menarik untuk diceritakan...jadi..bla...bla..bla..

Isyraf Imrani said...

lol afiq...pendeknya citer...citer la pnjg2 sket (hehe kalo pnjg bkn baca sumer pon)...nway mukhayyam ni best :D

mscreator said...

HAHA afiq macam malas je nak buat this post;p said...

to Isyraf and mscreator,

cerita yang pendek-pendek cukup la...kalau panjang dah la dalam English, bukannya orang nak baca sume pun. Lagipun, khutbah Rasulullah SAW pun ringkas tapi padat.

khalidah alhusna kamilen said...

ini speaking habis nii..
dahsyat sgguhh.. said...

dahsyat? kena berlatih...jadi bila keluar Malaysia takde rasa pelik cakap English 24/7.

MiZuHaShI kUnIUmI.. said...

salam. huhu. rupanya u write in english. never stop like bla... bla... bla..

a very short post. xpe, lg pendek, lg padat, lg org paham!. kenal xayat nie??

btw, keep it up. tulis jea english byk2. *perli*

btw, day by day, second by second, we alwys create memory. a good, bad, sad, happy memory. all of this will mix together and will stick in our heart 4 eva. said...


Agak kenal ayat...
Oh yea...I'm gonna keep it up.

Memories are very can change a life.