Tuesday, February 12

To Walk and Find

It's a short quickie but here goes:

A Sufi story illustrates why we can't just imitate someone else's journey; we need to know who we are in order to know how assertive or passive to be: 
''A man walking through the forest saw a fox that had lost its legs, he wondered how it lived. Then he saw a tiger come up with game in its mouth. The tiger ate its fill and left the rest of the meat for the fox. 
The next day God fed the fox by means of the same tiger. The man began to wonder at God's greatness and said to himself, ''I to shall just rest in a corner with full trust in the Lord and he will provide me with all I need.'' 
He did this for many days but nothing happened, and he was almost at death's door when he heard a voice say, ''O you who are in the path of error, open your eyes to the truth! Stop imitating the disable fox and follow the example of the tiger." "

Quoted in ''The Wisdom to Know The Difference: When To Make A Change and When To Let Go'' by Eileen Flanagan.

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